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Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Joshua van der Poll, and I’m a full-stack web developer. I’ve been inspired by coding since I was young. I started coding my first small software applications in the year 2017 in languages like Java and C#. When I graduated from my MAVO education trade and business, I started a new chapter at Mediacollege as an MBO 4 web developer.

I’ve participated in 3 small internships of 1 to 2 weeks at companies like De Voorhoede, Hike One, WPinaDay, and FBI Design. Now I’m participating at a half-year internship in Amsterdam at a company called Orrrder by NuDeal.

At this moment, I’m learning how to host websites, databases, and other applications on a server running at home. I’m interested in learning how to host these applications safely and efficiently.

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Backend Development Skill

Backend Development

  • Checkmark PHP
  • Checkmark Git, NPM
  • Checkmark SQL, JSON, REST API
Frontend Development Skill

Frontend Development

  • Checkmark CSS,SCSS
  • Checkmark SEO, Google Analytics
  • Checkmark JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS
Framework Skill


  • Checkmark Laravel
  • Checkmark Wordpress
Server Managment Skill

Server Managment

  • Checkmark Certbot, SSH
  • Checkmark Apache2, MySQL
  • Checkmark Debian, Raspian, Kali
Software Development Skill

Software Development

  • Checkmark Java
  • Checkmark C#, VB.Net
  • Checkmark React Native
Cyber security Skill

Cyber Security

  • Checkmark SQL & XSS Injection
  • Checkmark Hashing, 2FA, Encryption
  • Checkmark NMap, Wireshark, Burpsuite


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